Company Boards and top levels are often sparse when it comes to representation by diverse members, especially women. This is not a new issue or one that hasn't been talked about often, yet globally, institutions have a long way to go in achieving well rounded representation at their senior levels.

"Dearth of qualified senior women talent" - an oft-repeated phrase by corporates is no longer a viable or acceptable defense. There are many experienced and talented women and professionals from diverse backgrounds that are ready and available to contribute. But finding the right candidates to match with the right role has been a challenge.

Divershefy acts as a conduit between the diverse talent pool and the gaps at the highest levels of corporates. We bring together highly qualified professionals and executives who want to contribute on their own terms and schedule and companies that embrace diversity and varied perspectives at their Board/CxO levels.

Divershefy is a bridge between the unmet needs of professionals and executives who want to contribute on their own terms and companies that embrace diversity and varied perspectives at their Board/CxO levels.

With our thriving women’s and investor network, we bring together qualified board ready women with investors who want to increase the number of women on Boards and in C-Suites and companies who choose to diversify their leadership.

Pavithra Jayaraman

Co-Founder, Divershefy
Partner - Angaros Group
M.S. Chem Engg, B.Tech Chem Engg.
Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras, M.F.A
Bharatanatyam, SASTRA University
Deutsche Bank, Ferderal
Reserve Bank Of New York,
Working for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York managed the largest banks in the world

Sylvia Smetana

Co-Founder, Divershefy
Partner - Angaros Group
MBA Vienna University Of Economics & Business Administration
Growth River & KPMG
25 years experience in Europe and US as Board member, Committee Member, Advisor, CFO. Built high performing teams, changed business culture and empowered women.

Founding Team

Madhu Avalur

Sponsor/Advisor, Divershefy
CEO & Founder, Angaros Group
M.Engg Industrial Engineering & Management
Mentored - 60
Invested - 15
Started - 12
Countries - 10
Board - 5
Sold - 3
Acquired - 3
Mohan Parthasarathy

Mohan Parthasarathy

Advisor, Divershefy
Partner, Angaros Group
IIM Bangalore, Annamalai University
Syntel, CavinKare, The Hindu

Priya Iyengar

Legal and Diversity &
Inclusion Advisor
HRM - California State University Fullerton (USA)
Legal Studies - University of California (USA)
LL.M. Corporate Law – Osmania University (India)
Corporate, Labor and Employment Lawyer, Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist



Divershefy was founded to bring more women to the table to unlock intrinsic value.

The days have come where we don’t differentiate people based on their gender but respect them for the skills they bring to the table, the value they add to a project or company and welcome their diverse point of views.

We support qualified professional women who want to leverage their skills and experience, and in the process setting the stage for the next generation of women leaders.

We promote a more inclusive and diverse business culture.

Divershefy is an initiative of Angaros Group. As an investor Angaros recognizes the higher rewards women in leadership make possible through better risk management, more balanced approaches and better team performance.

Divershefy wants this initiative to become a global movement bringing professional women, investors and companies together to increase gender diversity in the workforce, starting at the top.


Divershefy brings greater gender diversity into Board Rooms and C-Suites which impacts society in multiple ways.

At Divershefy we are committed to


By unlocking the untapped potential of highly qualified and experienced women who have chosen to exit their full time corporate careers and bringing them back at senior levels on their own terms:

  • Enabling them to leverage their many years of experience to enrich Board Rooms and C-Suites
  • Bringing innovative thinking, different leadership styles and enhanced risk management at the top levels of companies
  • Creating role models for younger women who are aspiring to become leaders


  • Increasing the social impact Investors have
  • Improving the health and financial performance of invested companies


  • Creating better companies by engaging more women at the top level
  • Bringing balance to the ecosystem (Diversity & Inclusion)


  • Build a network of qualified women
  • Provide tools and resources such as mentoring, coaching and training to make them Board/Leadership ready


  • Enhance Investors impact by enabling them to become powerful agents of change
  • Chart investment guidelines for Fund Managers that promote diversity
  • Implement guidelines for companies to have at least 30 % women in top leadership positions and at least two women on Board if they seek investment from the investor network


  • Increase the number of qualified women available for Board and C-Suite positions
  • Grow the number of women on Boards and in C-Suites of companies
  • Educate and train the top leadership of companies on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Establish responsible inclusive leadership in companies
  • Bring fractional Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers to companies
  • Become a thought leader in emerging markets for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Enable sustainable growth of companies, investor returns and economies

The inspiration for Divershefy comes from the CEO of Angaros Group, Madhu Avalur and its co-founders Sylvia Smetana and Pavithra Jayaraman Rajeev. Sylvia and Pavithra have had significant leadership experience for over two decades and have consciously chosen to exit their full time corporate careers to take care of their family needs as well as to pursue other interests. However, they are still passionate about contributing at leadership levels and even more so about bringing greater diversity of thinking at those levels. Being a partner at Angaros, they experience diversity of thoughts, perspectives and ideas with natural ease. They are able to lead more holistic lives giving commensurate attention to all that is important to them. Thus, they are excited about enabling other professionals and executives to achieve this through Divershefy.